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    From the biblical Ten Commandments through the veneration of ancestors in the families of ancient Rome to medieval kings, tracing their roots to mythical forefathers, people have been trying to find out everything about their family history. With the breaking of the Industrial Revolution and waves of immigration from Europe in the 19th and 20th Century the ties with the family history loosened. We in Avis Genealogy focuse our attention to the descendants of emmigrants from Germany, Czech republic and Slovakia and help them to find their ancestors and put their families on their places in history.

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  • I Wanted to post a HUGE thank you to Avis Genealogy. After posting my question about my Hildmann family they offered help in first finding out where the records for the family, who I believed to be from Langenleiten, were held and then they offered their services to me to go and retrieve the family records. I live many thousands of miles away from the archive that the records are held, so it was a massive relief to me for them to do this for me. Genealogist from Avid Genealogy set up a day to go to and very quickly started sending me results, translated the pages for me! Which is amazing since I cant read a word of German script.

    All in all I couldn’t have asked for more of a God send, I now know so much more then i ever thought about this branch of my family all because of his help.

    so THANK YOU!

  • One of the best German genealogists I’ve met! He helped to find my roots in Bavaria and even personally travelled to the village my ancestors came from and took pictures of it.

  • I hired Avis Genealogy to look-up information about one of my ancestors who worked as a hangman. Not only they found that he had a stepson to whom he left the license, they also provided me with a birth certificate of his child, which was born while he was a hangman. In couple of days they managed something I wasn’t able to achieve in 10 years!